Name: Danielle Dagilis
I Am: English teacher, yogi, world traveler, Massachusetts native
Years in Rochester: Years? None. I spent 5 days there in July 2013.
Current Home: Los Angeles

Dear Rochester,

I really wasn't looking forward to meeting you. My childhood best friend went on and on about you over the years, but I took it with quite a few grains of salt. I figured she had to convince herself you were hot, since she was stuck with you. Imagine my surprise when I pretty much instantly feel in love with you last summer. From riding bikes to an outdoor concert by the river, to an amazing gym, to one of the best meals I've ever eaten at Good Luck, to a yoga class around the corner, I was like, "Wait, where am I?!?!?" The best part was when a mounted policeman strolled down the block at dusk, and kids and parents all rushed out to say hi to and take pictures with Comet the horse. Seriously?!? This happens? I love you, you hot little secret, Rochester! And I miss you all the time. Knowing you are the kind of girl who will forgive my misjudgment, I feel like you'll welcome me back next time, despite my little confession.


Comet the Horse Visiting the Neighborhood